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Balanced bodies can give back more to the community.

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Have plenty of energy to care for your family.

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Perform your best with a balanced body.

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People often wait until they are in pain to seek out help, but the best time to get help is before you are in pain. When you are living a busy active lifestyle, it is certain that it will take a toll on your body and create imbalances that will eventually lead to pain. At Body & Soul PT, we are able to find and correct imbalances in your body before they create pain and stiffness. When your body is balanced you will be able to perform better in all areas of your life. You will be able to get more done at work, enjoy your fitness activities, and have plenty of energy left over for family and friends. Don’t wait for pain, balance your body today.

Women’s Wellness

Busy Lifestyle

  • Your body needs to be able to keep up with you. Body & Soul PT has a unique system to ensure that your body will not let you down.
  • A thorough assessment of multiple systems of your body ais done to determine what could potentially slow you down or set you up for injury.
  • Your problems are unique to you. They need to be thoroughly evaluated to determine the correct course of action to fix these problems.

Staying Fit

  • Body & Soul PT understands the importance of staying fit.
  • Injuries that keep you away form your workouts can be addressed to get you back to your fitness routine quickly.
  • When you are struggling to progress in you fitness regime, assessments can be done to determine why your not progressing and what needs to be done to correct it.

Caring for Family

  • It is hard work keeping up with all the needs of your family.
  • Body & Soul PT will ensure that you have the strength and flexibility to manage all you need to do for your family.

Mind Body Connection

  • Our body will not be in balance unless our mind is balanced as well.
  • Emotional barriers to physical well being can quickly and easily be determined to allow you to clear them out and create balance.
  • Clearing out emotional patterns will also improve the long term effectiveness of the physical treatments to the body.

Book an Appointment

If you have been here before or you are ready to come in to start your healing journey, click on the calendar or below to book your appointment. It is the fastest and easiest way to get seen and begin the healing process.

Free Discovery Visit

Are you wondering if Body & Soul PT is right for you. We are happy to arrange a free discovery visit which can be done in person, over the phone or by video. We will talk in more detail about what is going on and answer your questions so we can decide together if we are the right people to support you in your healing process.

What is our physical therapy process?

We help people get out of pain and return to activities they love.

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