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Abdominal scars are a highly overlooked source of pain.

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Scar appearance can often be improved with simple treatments

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Don't let your scars limit your post-op progress.

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At Body & Soul PT we know that scars are a very commonly overlooked source of pain and stiffness. When left untreated they will continue to have a negative impact on the function of your body no matter how old they are. Besides causing pain and stiffness, scars can create issues with muscle function, swelling, posture and more. If you suspect that your scar tissue is creating problems for you, we can quickly and easily assess your scars and if needed provide simple solutions to restore your body to optimal functioning.

Back/Hip Pain & Stiffness

Pain & Tightness

  • When scars heal the tissue can become tight and limit your movement.
  • Much of this tightness can be released with microcurrent and laser.
  • Gentle hands-on techniques can release these restrictions further.


  • Microcurrent and laser can greatly diminish the discoloration smooth the scar tissue.


  • Scar tissue can impede muscle function thus making it feel like you are weak.
  • By treating the scar function can be restored to the muscle making movement easier.


  • Nerves are often damaged in surgery or injuries.
  • Microcurrent and laser can often restore sensation around a scar.

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