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Voila Method

The Voila Method is a very important component of treatment at Body & Soul PT. All are invited to learn this beautiful healing modality. Non-practitioners can use it for self treatment. Practitioners can use it both to treat themselves as well as get extraordinary results with their clients.

Voila Method is a complete, dynamic and fluid mind/body assessment & treatment modality. It is a simple, revolutionary path to health, healing, and movement. Voila balances the Soul, Mind, & Body to get you and your clients to their natural state of harmony. It can remove pain from the body using Voila Method Soul-utions as a complete system in assessing, finding & treating the root cause of pain.

Voila was developed by Joel Crandall, an Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist who graduated from SUNY-Cortland in 1991. Joel has spent the last 28 years fine tuning and mastering innovative advancements in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Biomechanical Symmetry and Structural Joint Balancing which evolved into the VOILA Method.

By taking a Voila Method seminar, you will learn how to assess, find, and treat root causes of pain. VOILA will give you tools to empower your clients to eliminate pain, restore movement and achieve well-being. The client is actively a part of healing. As a practitioner, you can also use the VOILA Method to treat yourself.

After you have taken a seminar, you become a part of the Voila community with access to Joel and other Voila practitioners who provide ongoing learning and support through online groups, individual mentoring, and webinars.

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