Being in pain is not fun. When we are feeling it, we only want to get rid of it quickly. That often leads us to choose options that are not healthy for our body. Whether it’s over the counter or prescription medications, injections or surgery, they all have side effects that delay or make true healing impossible.

Pain Medication

Pain relievers do not help our body heal. They simply mask the symptoms. In addition to not helping the body heal, they can have some significant side effects.

These can include:
– Stomach Bleeding
– Liver Damage
– Kidney Damage
– Constipation
– Drowsiness
– Nausea and vomiting
– Injections

Whether it’s an epidural for back pain or a local cortisone shot in a joint, there are very significant side effects to having injections for relieving pain.

These can include:
– Increased Pain
– Headaches
– Sleeplessness
– High Blood Sugar
– Infection
– Cataracts
– Stomach Ulcer
– Thinning of Skin
– Tendon Weakening or Rupture
– Osteoporosis
– Osteonecrosis
– Nerve Damage
– Anxiety
– Decreased Immunity


Surgery is the most invasive option when dealing with pain. Sometimes surgeries are necessary, but current research shows that many common orthopedic surgeries produce no better results than conservative care. Some of the surgeries that fall into this category include meniscectomy, lumbar discectomy, knee replacements, lumbar fusion and shoulder acromioplasty. The side effects with surgery include some minor ones but the worst negative side effect of surgery is death.

Natural Pain Relief Options

Fortunately there are natural and effective options for dealing with pain. The first simple solution is to use heat or ice to diminish the pain. There are lots of natural anti-inflammatory products to use such as turmeric/curcumin and arnica. There are also essential oils that will help. Try Wintergreen for pain, Lavender to relax tight muscles and Cypress to decrease inflammation. If you would like to discover more about essential oils see the products I suggest here. The most thorough option would be to consult with a Physical Therapist to determine the true cause of your pain, which may not be where you’re feeling the pain. Pain is only a symptom, it is not the actual problem. The important thing is to address the pain. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

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